natural erection

after prostate cancer, this 64-year-old patientcannot have an erection. today he has hada penile prosthesis fitted. the surgeons will make an incisionto access the two corpora cavernosawhere the implants will be fitted. we now have to bore intothe erectile tissue in order to implant the prosthesis and measure the corpora cavernosa,which can vary greatly, and determinethe dimensions of the implant.

we start at 7 and finish at 13. cylinders of varying size areprogressively inserted into the penis as well as in the corpora cavernosawithin the abdomen. the dilatation has we can do our measurements. we're at 5 on the side. - and 9.- 14. it's vital to get the right size. if the implant is too short,the erect penis will fold. if the implant is too long,

you may ulcerate the tissue over time. the surgeon has chosen the right size. it is composed of 2 cylinders,placed in the corpora cavernosa and a pump to fill the cylinderswith liquid for an erection. the prosthesis can nowbe installed in the patient's penis. the system uses a needle to pass through the penis and facilitate the installationof the distal part of the prosthesis. by pulling the thread,

the surgeon adjuststhe implant's position. it's still sticking out a bit. when the implant fills,it will be fine. it's not bad. now they must install the vesselcontaining the erection liquid. it is placed just underthe abdominal muscles. we'll now fill the balloonthat was inserted empty. the vessel is filledwith saline solution and then linked to the prosthesisand the pump by tubes.

the surgeons will now test whetherthe system is working properly. you see the erection,the penis is becoming totally rigid. now they install the pump in the scrotumalongside the testicles. the pump must beunder the scrotum skin or patients have troublegrabbing it and handling it. it works really well. there are few complications. infection is is hydraulic equipment,

which is liableto break down over time

natural erection

and this equipmentusually lasts for ten years before it should be changed. the operation is now over. the patient must now wait one monthbefore using his prosthesis.

men with ed

♪ theme music ♪ what's in a thought? just a thought-psht? a lot more than most of uswould imagine. when you have a thought,when i have a thought, you know what takes place? immediately, there is triggeredin your brain and in my brain an electrochemical response thatsurges throughout our body, and electrical magnetic waves goesthrough every part of your being

and every part of my beingbecause it's all linked up together when we have asingle thought. in fact, when you and i have asingle thought, over five hundred billionreactions take place just that instant withone thought. now we've identified only abouttwo thousand of those reactions;but that's how magnificently we areconstructed. and if we could hear thesechemical waves, and these

electric waves as they gothrough our body with every thought, i think you would heara mighty symphony being played. a thought-a single thought. in other words, it's almost likeyour brain and my brain is a kind of laboratory, and when wehave a single thought in your brain and in my brain; chemicalsare given off and electrical impulses are given off thataffect everything about you, and everything about mejust with a pwhoo-singlethought-single thought...

i have a little book someonegave me entitled, who switched off my brain? the author of this book saysit's so important how our brain functions and what we thinkabout; this author says that 87% of all physical and mentalillnesses stem and originate with our thoughts-87%. and her thesis, the author ofthis book, she says there's only 13% of your illness and myillness, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically,etc...

comes from our environment,from the food we eat, or from our dna makeup. now i would debate with thatstudy. i think you could reverse it andsay, "well, what do we eat?" and our environment and our dnaaffects our health, and therefore, that affects ourthought process, so i think it's like arguing thechicken and the egg. which is more important? the body to wholeness andhealth,

or the mind to wholeness andhealth? and i don't think anybody knows. the returns are not in. the truth is, we know more aboutsaturn relates to mars way out there in the ionosphere, than weknow of how your brain and my brain relates toour bodies. we still don't know very muchabout that, but we do know they are tiedtogether. we know they are united, mindand body, and we've discovered

that in marriage, it is thewhole body and the whole life of a person engaging with someoneof the opposite sex in marriage, and it takes place with awhole life, and the whole body of theother person. you can't just have body tobody; you have also have to havelife to life. life to life, body to bodyis marriage. body to body is adultery outsideof marriage. and by the way, unless someonegets too pious here,

need to understand that everyone of us here have broken every one of the commandments. anybody want to debate that? that's what jesus said. he took it away just from thephysical act and said in our minds-in our minds, we breakthis commandment, and he says if we don't clean up our minds, weneed to take radical action. it's pretty radical to punch outone eye, isn't it? to cut off one hand...

he did not mean that literally. he was saying there are thingswe have to run from; we have to cut out of our lives in order tobe pure; in order to have marriages that grow and sizzle,that are relevant and practical for this21st century. and so we're talkingabout adultery. there is mental adultery; thereis physical adultery, and the physical adultery is deadlier. we can't really rank sin, thoughmental adultery is also deadly.

but physical adultery plays backinto your body and into my body when we commitphysical adultery. that's what paul says, see? that's what paul says... it, it affects who you areinside more than any other sin-sexual immoralitydoes. to show you how serious it is,there was a group of women. when their kids got in school, they decided they wouldstudy french.

and so eleven women got in afrench class together, and they were one day at a meal, and oneof women, they got close and they would share their thoughtsand share a little extra, extracurricular activity withthe other women, and they were, and one woman said,"well, how many of us..." (eleven of them) "how many ofyou women have been faithful to your marriage, faithful toyour husband all the time you've beenmarried?" and one hand went up out ofeleven.

now a woman went home and toldher husband-said we were eating together, and, and named thewoman who asked how many had been faithful and said only onehand went up, and she said, "that wasn't my hand." and her husband said, wha, wha,what? you've been unfaithful?" she said, "oh no! i haven't been unfaithful, buti didn't raise my hand." and the husband said, "well, whydidn't you raise your hand?"

and she said, "i was ashamed." that's like being ashamed thatwhen there's a flu epidemic, you don't have the flu! this is our world, andthere's so many kinds of deadly affairs. look up there. i want you to see all thekinds of affairs. we put some names-this isnot original with me-some names of, affairs.

there's the friendshipaffair-self-explanatory. there's the office affair. there's be a good neighboraffair. there's a cup of coffee affair. there's the seize the momentaffair. there's the people helperaffair. there's the old acquaintancefair, affair. stop right there for a minute. we have a counseling service inour church

you may or may not know about. we have twelve psychotherapists,godly men in trai, men and women-christians who,who work in counseling, and they tell me that thereis an epidemic of affairs that start withfacebook. they start online. someone runs down someone theywent to college, they went to high school with; someone theyused to know in their hometown. they begin to talk, and they,they exchange pictures with

them, and they may even showthem to their mate; but said this has led to somuch immorality, you wouldn't believe it. in fact, there, there's alawyer's group that specialized in divorce, and they just cameout with this statistic. said, "81% of those who aretrying to prove infidelity in their marriagehave used facebook and the correspondence that took onthere. therefore, in our counseling,you know what

we say to every married person? get off facebook! get out of all this junk becauseit leads you astray. it's happening over and overagain in our culture. (audience applauds). another kind of affair-that'sthe old acquaintance. the same interest affair. you know, we like the samethings, we're so luck mo... uh, the western affair.

let me stop and explain thatone. the western affair is like, youknow, the guy who puts a notch in his gun everytime he kills somebody, the old westerns? well there's some men whoput notches in their belt every time they sleepwith a woman. oh yeah, very prominentin our culture. sure... and then the last one,the pornographic affair.

primarily men, some women. did you know that's anepidemic in america? listen carefully:the 7th largest business in the united states ispornography. and some believe it is the most profitable business inamerica today. and it touches christiansespecially-all of us, but christians especiallybecause it is pleasurable, and it is secret.

and we have the idea that itdoesn't hurt anybody, forgetting that pornography is anadulterous endeavor that rips out your soul and will destroythe heart of your marriage, your christian witness, andaffect you and your family for years, and years, andyears to come. it is highly addictive. what we hear, what we see,and it is a devastating, devastating habit,and a deadly habit. we have hundreds of men, rightnow in our church in

support groups who are cryingout for help, saying it's taken the very lifeand vitality out of them. as young boys, it wasmasturbation, and now it moves into pornography and anotherarea, and it is deadly gentlemen-don't think there'sno harm, no foul. it affects the deepest partof your soul. let's look at the threemajor causes. these are big categories. there, there are, there arehundreds of causes of adultery,

but i, i put them underthree big categories. i think you could putall the other causes as subsets under this. look at it on your screen. first of all, undevelopedemotion, undeveloped emotions. if you marry somebody who'sstill adolescent. if you marry somebody like that, that's a setup for adultery. by the way, these causesdoesn't mean,

"well, i have a licensefor adultery..." don't, don't make it, don't makethat mistake. i'm not saying that by any... i am saying these aregeneral causes, general realms for adultery. so, undeveloped emotions,adolescent. what's an adolescent? best definition i've everheard-adolescent is someone who's split right in the middle.

someone on this side is anadult; on that side is a child. teenagers, right? one minute a teenage girl willmake a decision. you'll say, "i'm so proudof her! she's made a big-time,adult decision..." and the next hour,she'll make a decision. you say, "you know, she actslike she's 9 years old!" that's an adolescent. and a lot of us havemarried adolescents.

a lot of peoplemarry adolescents. they've still got theseemotional holds. all of us are not totallymature-i understand that. but some people are really,really immature in so many, many areas. for example, the area ofbeing spoiled. if you married somebodyelse-their mom and dad, they just-the wo, the sun would riseand set on that son and daughter-"boy, i'm going to givethem anything and everything,

and i want to provide for them and have the things i didn'thave..." and they're totally spoiled. if you married someone likethat and they've had a token of success in life,that's a setup. they're, they're a setup forsomebody who says, "well, i deserve this. i work hard, andi am successful..." i'm thinking of, of a couple,and he, he slept with a lot

of kids when he was inhigh school, and he married this beautiful, wonderful girl,and they joined the church, and they had a couple ofchildren. after about three years, hebegan to sleep around and go here and go there at meetings,and he became an adulterer. and finally it was discovered,and, and they asked him why in a counseling environment, andhe said, you know, "is it a problem with the kids?" "we got great kids..."

"problem with your wife?" "oh no, i love her! we have wonderful, uh, loverelationship together." "is it a problem with your job?" "oh no! i'm doing fine there..." "is it a problem..."? "no, no...everything was great." "well then why do you,why are you unfaithful?"

and he finally said, "well,i guess it's that forbidden fruit thing..." know about the forbidden fruitthing? here's adam and eve in thegarden of eden. they had-god said, "you can eatof the fruit of the trees of all these garden, all thesetrees-thousands of trees! man, isn't that enough for you,adam? except one-just one. out of all the trees on theplanet in a pristine

environment, only one tree youcan't eat out of, adam!" "oh! just that one?" it's the forbidden fruitthing... remember "candid camera"? some of us remember that. remember, they, sometime they'dwalk down the street, and one they had a wall there, and theyhad a big hole there and says, "don't look through thishole..."

(audience laughs). and they took pictures of peoplewho walked by it. well normally you wouldn'tlook through the hole, but the don't-and theywould look... uh, the other day in, in thehall of the church, they, they'd painted, and they'd put up asign, "wet paint." and i walked by in themorning-"wet paint"-and i came back by about an hour later andit was still up, and i said, "you know, i wonder if thatpaint's dried?"

it hadn't dried! there's something aboutprohibitions, isn't it? that, that's like kids,teenagers, adolescents. "don't you smoke!" well, you get a chance to smoke,and you know, well, you're gonna do it! paul tournier, thepsychotherapist said that children begin to grow up whenthey begin to do things in secret, not necessarilybad thi...

secret from their parents; whenthey begin to have things they don't tell their parents, like alittle girl. the parents said, "now when yougo and walk across the street, make sure you walk on this sideand not on that side..." but her friend took her and shewalked on the street on that side, and she didn't tell herparents. see, that's a part of growingup. that's childishness, anda lot of people in marriages are stilladolescents.

"oh, i, i can't do that! that's wrong!" oh, it has unusual appeal asthey begin to play that pornograph in your mind, and youplay it out in reality and have some rationalization-"well,my marriage isn't all that i thought it was gonna be!" you married a kid,an adolescent. look at the next one. unresolved conflict.

you know, in a lot of families,the way conflict is handled, usually the male-they just,"i'm not going to argue. i'm through..." then we just go into our cocoon;we go into our shell. we're not gonna argue. "just go ahead-you have yourproblem. i'm not gonna get with it..." and a lot of marriages, whenthere's unresolved conflict, you know, they, they, they're in thering together, and they're

boxing, and finally the husbandgoes in his corner, and the wife goes in her corner, and theystay in their corner. you live your life; i live mylife, and they never do really relate until they come in themiddle of the ring, exchange a few blowsnow and then. then they go back in theircorner... am i speaking to anybody? what should happen? ii corinthians 5:18 says, "weare reconciled with god."

jesus christ gets you and meright with god. isn't that terrific? and therefore, because we getright with god, then we are to be in the business ofreconciliation. what needs to happen to this manor woman in the corner-they need to say, "o' god, revive mymarriage, my heart." and they need to see where thereinvolvement in silence, or whatever the situation and getright with god on their knees, and then get up and go and walkin the middle of the ring

-if necessary, walk on theother side of the ring and try to find mutualreconciliation. there'll be conflicts. we've got to know how to resolvethose conflicts in marriage, and the way to do it is not tobury it and cover it up andpush it down. this is what happens. and a way to handle some ofthese confli... what are the conflicts over?

children, money, sex, schedule-i mean, a lot of things, a lot ofthings conflict. and how do we avoid some ofthat? ephesians 4-"don't let the sungo down on your wrath." man, don't, don't go to sleepuntil you begin to talk, begin to get your hearts and livestogether. now you have to stay up late alot of nights. jo beth and i have. don't go to sleep.

don't let the sun go down onyour wrath. when you let the sun, your heart is bruisedover a conflict. one mate is bruised. you sleep on it. the next morning, that bruisedheart becomes a cold heart. you know how that is-you're nice, but, you're just too nice,you know... cold.

don't look so pious! you know exactly whati'm talking about, every married person here... it, in a bruised heart, youspend the night with that; it becomes a cold heart. you stay with it a week or so,it becomes a hard heart. now you've intensified theproblem. you stay longer than that, itbecomes an apathetic heart. by the way, when a couple comesand they're fighting and

arguing, that's anencouragement. it's when they come and they,they're apathetic. they'll say, "you know, i don'treally care-psht! hah-i'm just-psht! i, i don't have-it doesn'tmatter, whatever she does, whatever he does-makes nodifference..." you see, that's when the holyspirit really has to do a work. so a lot of unresolved conflict,when someone can be with someone else and, and, and there's notconflict, no matter what the

situation, and there can beintimacy there. there can be sharing there. all of a sudden they end up inbed. it's because they go home and there's so much conflictthere... you gotta deal with it. bring it out in the open. turn the lights on! third thing: unmet needs.

everybody has needs. the difference between thecreator and the creature is needs. the creator, god the father,god the son, god the holy spirit-they are aself-contained entity, the god is. the god head is self-contained. there is all there to give thefullness. god doesn't need anything.

god is a self-contingent being. we are contingent beings ashuman beings. though we're made in the imageof god, we all have needs. a new-born babe hasmore needs than any other animal, remember,on this earth? a baby needs a longer time ofcare than any other animal, and when that child is growing,the little girl says, "did i do good, mom"? "you did good, sarah!"

"dad, would, would i-i'msorry..." "oh, it's all right, billy." they need support,and they have needs -all kinds of physical,emotional needs. we have to be there to hug, andto help, and to counsel, and to laugh, and to tease,and to discipline. all those needs... when we grow up, do we haveneeds no longer? certainly we have needs.

certainly we have needs,and we need appreciation. wives, i want you to listen tome: you need appreciation, but your husband, men need aboutfive times more appreciation than women. i don't know why -we'rejust a weaker sex. we are! gentlemen, we need moreappreciation than the women-not that we shouldn't appreciate andadmire women. certainly that's a part ofmeeting their need; but men

really need it, and when theycome and feel like it's only man, what i can get out of you,what i want you to do, how you want... also, in your wife oryour husband, accept them the way they are. i thought for years i marriedthe only woman in the world that couldn'tbe trained. we've got to quit trying totrain them-man and women, men and women.

accept them! and that leads people intoaffairs because the mate is not accepting them, warts and all,and know that god will continue to doa work with them. god's not finished with them; he's not finished withyou or me. there has to be acceptance, andthere has to be affection, genuine affection with oneanother. so, so this is the unmet needsthat are there, and when these

needs are not met, it setsanybody up for somebody else to come in and to destroy,and to undercurt, undercut that relationship. i want to say two things. i want to say these two thingsas dogmatically, as simply, but as powerfully as i can statethem-two things. write it in steel in your heartand your mind. i'm not going to stumble. i want to say simply two thingsto everybody here: number one,

adultery is a cosmic sin,because someone who destroys the trust in a marriage and thecommitment of a marriage one time, ten times, or whatever;you have committed a cosmic sin, and you're saying that yourpleasure, or this moment in time goes against everythinggod has taught, and everything god holds sacred. adultery is a cosmic sin. it's no little peccadillo or alittle casual kind of liaison-not at all!

it's a cosmic sin. number two: adultery is not theunpardonable sin. we've got to clean upour mind -there's that mental adultery. some have to clean up theirwhole bodies... there is that physical adultery; but god is in the cleansingbusiness. if we confess our sin, he isable and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us of all thetrash,

including adultery in our lives. that's the grace of god. adultery is a cosmic sin, but itis not the unpardonable sin. and the bible says about sexualsin-run! don't tarry; don't explain away;don't back off a little bit-run! get out of there! flee! that's what joseph did. that's what paul told timothyto do,

and that's what we have to do. you don't cut back, cut down,wean myself off of whatever this is and whatever relationshipis there, whether its mental orphysical-cut and run! take no prisoners! and you'll be amazed, a day, ortwo, or three, and it's one day at a time, god begins to setyou free. if, if we had hymnals here-theold hymn books, you can find a theme in hymn after hymn-hebreaks the power of cancelled

sin and sets the sinner free! freedom! freedom, forgiveness, his grace. it was created as a gift,but we have allowed it to become our one obsession. how can we survive in thissex-crazed culture? as a thank you for your donationof any amount, we want to send you dr. ed young's new series,sex crazed culture. in this five part series, dr.young explores god's true

design for sex, the destructivepower of an affair, and the deceptionof homosexuality. get your copy today by callingthe number on your screen or go online to let me introduce you to threeimportant letters: d.q.t. they stand for dailyquiet time. a dqt is time that we need toset aside to spend with the lord.

yep. reading his word and talking tohim and listening to him. it's the most important part ofeveryday. you want to grow, and grow withthe lord and begin a consistent walk withthe lord god almighty? listen, plan and build in yourschedule a d.q.t. now i have written a devotional that you can read anywhere youare. go to our website

and sign up for our dailydevotional. you'll get an email with apassage of scripture and a brief thought that will help guide youin a personal time of worship

men with ed

with the lord, jesus christ. it is a simple way to makethat dqt a built in, regular, scheduled part of your life. it will change everything!guaranteed!

how to keep an erection

yo today this video is for all my boys out there. i know that all of you love if your lady tells you that you have a beautiful penis and that you are sexually perfoming awesome if not, amazing so today i will tell 7 pretty interesting secrets that might help you to hear those words. even more often before i tell this 7 penis empowerment tips, let me tell you this it is a fact that most men in general, gain more self confidence if they perform sexually to their fullest potential. that means that they like longer lasting erections, more erections, ejaculate more semen,

and also a lot of men seek to have a bigger and thicker penis. boy don't feel bad about this, it's not coming from a macho male perspective it's a deep psychological need. just as most women like be thought of as a beautiful and feminine. it just makes men feel more powerful in bed and in everyday life. and it's also a fact that every man, your brother, your father, your grand father and you, you can all improve your staying power you can improve your sexual energy, your sexual capabilities, the quantity, color and odor of your semen and yes you can also improve the size of your penis

so let's look to the seven empowerment tips your first and most important task in order to improve your sexual power is to revitalize your health. emotionnally and physically good health is the foundament of a well functioning penis beneficial semen and a high sex drive without physical and emotional health you won't have a high sex drive in fact a low sex drive is always an indication for a physical or mental ailment.. to get phycally in shape start by improving your diet

minimize your intake of fried, and processed food and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits drink 3 liters of water everyday and boy, exercise ! look into martial arts, kung fu, yoga or pilates because all of them combine movement with breath. so this is call mindful movement which helps you to connect to your whole body and look into your emotional health, mental stress is huge factor to erectile dysfunction look into and evaluate your stress level look into and evaluate your emotional health and maybe you wanna start with this exercise

the right kind of massage in combination with the right kind of herbs and discipline will help you tio increase your penis size this knowledges is not very common in today western world but it has been an ancient tradition such as ancient china in the middle east or in south america in fact it has been applied since hundreds of years and in some case even thousands of years men who have practice this method on a regular basis have reported that they could increase the lenght and the girth

of their penis up to 2 inches the penis is primarily mass of erectile tissu 3 fibers cylindrical tubes placed side by side form the shaft of the penis and when this fill with blood an erection is produced. the two largest chambers on the left and on the right side of the penis shaft are called the copora cavernosa and the smaller one, one the center of the penis shaft is called the corpora spongiosum the lenght and girth of the penis are determinated by the corpora cavernosa

the 2 chambers that intake blood to produce the erection since erections are simply the engorgment of the penis chambers with blood the more room you make for the blood the larger, longer and thicker the penis becomes it is very much like the process of expanding and strenghtening any body muscle. and i'm not saying that a bigger penis is always better but these methods will help you to get a better relationship and to be better in tune with your penis and it will help you to have a better body confidence and a better self confidence if you want to learn the exact exercises and the exact herbs

to increase your penis and to have a better sensitivity then i encourage you to sign up for the upcoming penis magic course which you can find here. the link is also under the video and then you guys, you have another super magical thing which are your balls or better name your testicles massaging your testicles will help you to produce more testosterone it will help you to strenghten your erections, increase seminal fluids, your semen and highten your sexual energy another thing that is very helpful

is to massage your seminal ducts and again it will be too much to show you all these exercises in this tiny video but i will sure do so in the upcoming penis magic course so just be sure to be on the list, and untill then just try to do it by yourself, massage your balls and you will always have some very interesting effects. i'm sorry but it's a fact, masturbation densensitizes your magic wand during sex and especially for men above 30 years, it's getting more difficult each year to maintain an erection if the partner you are with is not applying the same pressure, movement and speed that you were using during masturbation.

and it's also a fact that, during masturbation you gonna have intense orgasm and as a result you might not be able to have orgasm when you are with your partner and it's also a fact that during masturbation and it's also for women who use too much vibrators and by the way this is also why we created the shakti wand, you can find the link below under the video masturbate as often as you like only to the point of stimulation not ejaculation this will help you to increase your sexual energy increase the amount of sexual fluids, strenghten your erections, and it also helps to reverse the desensibilization and btw don't watch porn while you're masturbating, porn has some nasty effect on your sexual energy and staying power we have a very interesting power on my tiny secrets which is called "how porn can ruin your sex life"

I put the link again under the video there are some very useful powerful herbs out there that can help you increase your sexual energy and stamina as well as the links here The most powerful concoction out there is the ginger ginger increases blood levels throughout the body and is very beneficial. To another interesting herb penis is to see palmetto, yohimbe, maca and ginseng all it can increase blood flow to the penis, expand blood vessels.

enlarge the corpora cavernosa in the penis shaft and increase sexual energy. besides those herbs it will extremely benefit your sexual energy if you limit your coffee consumption, cigarettes, and sugar intake. there’s nothing worse for men than not to achieve a complete erection or to lack the ability to maintain it until climax. many men also feel that they climax too fast leaving their lover unfulfilled and frustrated. acquiring longer lasting erections is very important for a satisfying sexual get together. here is my tip: if u sense that your climax is coming too fast apply this technique: while the penis is erect place the index finger and thumb of the left hand around the base of the penis shaft applying firm pressure with the index finger

against the lower part of the underside of the penis. with the index finger and thumb of the right hand squeeze the tip of the penis 36 times. okay now we have to get honest, and i hjave a question for you and i want you to answer honestly have you ever really looked at your semen? tasted it ? smelled it ? if not, then i suggest you do so next time. to most women it's really important how your semen taste, smell and the quqntity of your semen it's not on the couscious level but it's still very important

if your semen looks thick and white and has a mildly tasting odor you are one lucky and pretty healthy man. but if your semen is slightly gray, bitter or salty tasting, has a rancid odor, is clear or watery it is a sign of either illness, alcoholism or excessive dissipation. in this case you want to improve your semen by healing your mental orphysical state of being, choosing healthier food options and exercise. you can also make your semen taste better by eating fresh cinnamon, licorice root or pineapple. try to avoid dairy products and sugar. it willmake semen taste rancid and bitter. you can also increase the quantity of your semen which is to most women seen as being very virile making her feel good also about her own sexual capabilities.

and it will make her fell better about her sexual capabilities which will lead to the fact that she might initiate for more sex with you you can increase the amount of semen through the testicle massage and by decreasing the amount of dissipation. and also by masturbating only to the point of stimulation and not ejaculation it is said that it is the healthiest for a man above 30 years to not dissipate more than 3 times a week to maintain a healthy level if semen. i will talk about this more in the upcoming penis magic course. if you feel this is for you sign up for it.

how to keep an erection
and boy i really hope that this video today helped you a lot

i'm sending you a lot of love from berlin, peace, i'm out make sure to check out the other videos for more thought provoking content and maybe you even wanna subscribe

erectile dysfuntion

impotence erectile dysfunction because you getthe blood there to to achieve an erection and maintain an erection and sothat's an important and useful piece of information for my patients that come inand tell me you know when i use viagra can have an erection but you know ican't do without it that's important to me that tells me that we need to work oncirculation and i'm also concerned about blood sugar 15 percent of people witherectile dysfunction have undiagnosed diabetes so that's incredibly importantthat's a very strong message to your body that we want to interpret andreally work on that diabetes that blood sugar issue because if you have abnormalblood sugar swings that can affect your

mood which can affect your ability toperform it can also affect your circulation oftentimes i refer todiabetes as a disease of the cardiovascular system because it causesoxidative damage what that means is that when your blood sugar spikes high itdamages your cardiovascular system in circulation becomes more difficult andyou can also develop atherosclerosis which is the building up of blacks arethe hardening of the arteries and so that's an incredibly importantunderlying cause and while some men may not want to live if they're unable tohave an erection to me as a physician the most important thing even moreimportant than having an erection is

gonna be i wanna have you live in 2009and have to your hundred and have a long healthy fulfilling life three bloodsugar disease free of cardiovascular disease and probably being that hornyold man at ninety that can still perform right that's that's what that's whatmost men i think one and so this is what i'm gonna help you with today so oneimportant thing to do if you're starting to have erectile dysfunction is the payattention did it start suddenly or has it been something that's been graduallycoming on if it's a sudden change important things to ask yourself are yousomething changing your life is there an emotional component because while mostmen may not want to admit it there's a

very emotional part to having anerection and if you're under severe stress youjust lost her job if you're in an unhappy relationship then you may not beable to maintain or achieve an erection in that situation and one way that youcan differentiate that is when you wake up in the morning do you have anerection because that's a physiologic process that often happens with men andso if you're able to wake up in the morning with an erection but unable toperform later with your partner or if you're able to have an erection inmasturbation but not have an erection with your partner that tells me thatthere's something going on in terms of

stress but also maybe stress hormonesthere could be a physiologic component to it but we'll take a different courseof treatment and ways of approaching that then i would for someone who has acirculatory issue or maybe prostate tissue other concerns like that where itwould be a different treatment groups so if you have a sudden onset and nothingchanged your feeling great and your relationship or just whatever whoeveryour sexual partner is you have to have a relationship right but if that hasn'tchanged stresses ok nothing suddenly hashappened then it is important to go see your physician to get a full check now idon't want to scare you but a sudden

onset of inability to have an erectionwe're concerned about nerve issues nerve damage concerned about possible cancer is asmall incidents but as a doctor i always think worse case scenario and i want torule out those big bad things before i feel really comfortable treating onherbal level right and so sudden onset of erectile dysfunction pay attention istheir situation will change if not you go in and see your physician and getsome moderate than to rule out some of these big bad causes as well as some ofthe other causes could be kidney issues which is also an issue with circulationit could be fire road issues people with

thyroid disease slow fire aid that cancause erectile dysfunction and as i said blood sugar issues will all these cancontribute to that and so now let's focus on one of the most common causesof erectile dysfunction is gonna be people so it's been comingon gradually over time definition of erectile dysfunction is atleast 25% of the time that you're trying to initiate sex either the inability toachieve interaction are you able to achieve interaction but unable tomaintain it and that doesn't count if you're drinking 25% of the time thatdoesn't count alcohol can impair one's ability to have an erection so thatwould be a whole nother issue to treat

but if it if it's not any sort of drugor alcohol use as twenty-five percent of time are unable to do that or more thanone dealing with an erectile dysfunction and so then the next step would befiguring out what the causes so unable to get an erection in the morning andunable to perform now i'm thinking more circulatory issues and so what we wantedto generally if you are a patient coming in to see me i'd want to do some bloodwork and i'd want to check things like your thyroid might want to check yourblood sugar and want to check your cholesterol and i'll talk to learn aboutcholesterol because it's not the big bad thing that everyone's telling you it iscluster also incredibly important and

it's actually a key part of thistreatment but i still wanna know where the levels are and part of that would beif you're grossly cholesterol deficient if you're honest statin drugs and yourcholesterol levels are abnormally low that can be a major issue in yourhormone production including your testosterone because cholesterol is aprecursor for all of your hormones at that base building block to make all ofit and so if you're low it can be an issue with depression it can be an issuewith hormones you might be experiencing fatigue for people that are admitted tothe hospital for depression if they see that the cholesterol levels areabnormally low then the sort of thing

under protocol is to screen them forsuicidal depression because it's recognized the mainstream medicine atlow cholesterol can have that much of an effect on the body as well as yourhormones people with low cholesterol often have fertility issues as well andso that's something that's going to be really important so i'll check yourblood sugar right i wanted blood cell count and just make sureyou're not an emic make sure that there's no infections going on prostatitis can be an infection that cancause problems there's a whole lot of things to look for and then what we wantto do is if we've gone through all of

that and let's say your blood sugaryou're fasting blood sugar is maybe in the nineties or higher that's a sign ofsome blood sugar dysregulation and so that means that we're going to startdoing some of the nutritional interventions both dietary so avoidingrefined carbohydrates so things like breads and pastas also sugars obviouslyno white sugar staying away from the cookies all of those things can be areally important step and for some men it may be a choice of do i want to havemy cookie use cookies you know but that it really can be bad do you want to livewith diabetes and erectile dysfunction or do you want to be healthy energeticand sexually vital so that that's an

important reason for some people that'sthe thing that makes them change their lives so many continuing with this sortof work up that i do with patients the next thing that we do is making somebasic dietary changes and then also if there's a situation issuer and thinkingthere's chronic stress there in their fifties they've been working i'm worriedabout their stress hormones and maybe their testosterone level sometimes willtest for testosterone somebody can just tell someone comes in and they'rereporting a lot of symptoms of low testosterone and in general low andregions which are some of your sex hormones a group of hormones the numberone thing that you can do and i tend to

have people i create a treatment planthat says here's the low-hanging fruit is the obvious one that is going to makea difference for most people then ok well let's we've tried that we've gotthat foundation on board here at step 2 345 of what else we can do that's goingto continue to refine it down and create a customized treatment plan for you andyour specific message that your body is trying to tell you number one thing isstarting with supporting healthy cholesterol so i want you to start witheating 12 eggs that might seem like a lot herethe couple reasons why that's going to be helpful but 12 eggs a day and ideallyi want you to space it out throughout

the day because it's gonna hit a coupledifferent targets for you one i want them to be runny eggs or eggthat's because it's going to be more bioavailable in terms of getting thatpromotional precursor that's in those egg yolks and it's full of nutrients ifyou get a good organic free-range egg or if your neighbor down this street haschicken they always have a sign up for sale get those eggs is going to be a nicebright orange color the yolk is gonna stand up when you crack it you don'twant to get that you can buy the grocery store shelves really thin and light paleyellow color is that some guys have all

the nutrients that you need and it mightbe actually pro-inflammatory you want an anti-inflammatory support for healthycholesterol healthy fats in your body to be a good healthy 812 of those a day nowpart of it that's going to do is going to be supporting the hormonal supportand not for most people is gonna make a huge difference the other part of thatis going to be hearing 12 exit day that's a lot of food into your body andthat's an excellent source of protein so it's going to be replacing we're gonnabe taking away some of those sugars some of those refined carbohydrates that areprobably part of your diet and very hard if you've been eating the standardamerican diet if you were raised on you

know pancakes for breakfast peanutbutter and jelly for lunch and then pasta for dinner at a lot of impotencecarbohydrates and carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body most people maythink i don't understand why blood sugar issues i don't need any sweet stuff outeven like that but they're eating chips and bread and pasta in all these thingsthat just turns in the sugar in your body so it's gonna be helping withmaintaining a level blood sugar by getting small protein snacks throughoutthe day and it's also be giving them hormonal support so that's the numberone tip that i can give you in terms of improving your erectile performance interms of being able to achieve and

maintain an erection so if that doesn'tmake a difference and we want to start thinking about other issues do you havethat i just have issues do you chronically suffer from diarrhea or constipation gas or bloatingand that is suggesting that your body isn't able to absorb the with a foodthat's coming into your body and so then we need to look at ok is there a food allergy is that aproblem we might want to look at an elimination diet or a lot of folks whomight just want to start with digestive enzymes so taking digestive enzymes withyour food especially if you've had your

gallbladder removed you need to betaking a digestive enzyme that has ox bile and it because your body is able toproduce the bile in the quantities that it did with a with a functionalgallbladder and so when you need the pile to break down fats and absorb fatemulsifier them is what we call it medical language and so what you wantedto make sure that you can't they just depends i'm so that you can absorb allthose nutrients there could be in the eggs and then the rest of your diet aswell as especially those healthy fats and cholesterol and you may see a lot ofother movement in your body what i expect to see and what i see what a lotof patience when we're working it

underlying cause is they lose weightthey feel more vital their energy is improved life is better and it's notjust because you're waking up in the morning ready to engage in some funactivities with your partner so that's it's a it's a complete life changed thenext thing that we want to work on is if it continues to be an issue excellent do it you looking to dosomething else or if you just want to do the full treatment plan all at once thenext things we want to do is focus on blood sugar regulation as well ascirculation and so in doing that will make sure that you have all of thevitamins and minerals that your body

needs for healthy circulation andhealthy cellular function and so what that means is oftentimes doing a goodfoundation all multivitamin and also increasing your calcium and magnesiumchromium vanadium all these things i is helpful because it is targeted towardsthe cardiovascular system so it's going to help with circulation if there's ablood sugar issue maybe adding in so some chromium some sweetie is theproduct that we do if you have diabetes or if you're close to diabetes doingboth of those things that's going to be a foundational part of the protocolmaking sure that your digestion is on board if you if you're having thosesymptoms of that just've issues

constipation diarrhea gas bloating thenadding in some digestive enzymes as well increased essential fatty acids i talkedabout the importance of facts healthy fats for hormonal production and also beanti-inflammatory inflammation can cause a lot of issues with circulation and sowe want to reduce inflammation as well now if you're a man and your son to getolder and having erectile dysfunction we also want to focus on the prostatemaking sure to make sure it's not an infection but if it's an infection ifit's been nine prostatitis adding in a prostate support something which has sawpalmetto and it at a very robust dosing when i treat people for prostatitis beeni'm prostatitis they normally will see

improvement within one month oftreatment and so that's going to improvement in terms of course if you'rein free force of urination stream frequency of urination and also willstart to see improvement in terms of the erectile dysfunction if that was playinga component because if you have prostatitis it can also cause erectionsto be painful and that's gonna be even if you're not aware of it a psychological deterrent for havingerections additionally you know the next layer of treatment for that will besupporting the hormone side of things so especially anyone living in westernsociety at some point almost all my

patients i see you have some level ofadrenal fatigue i can going you'll see more talks about that so when i go intoit too deeply essentially it's when your stress hormones have been stressed outfor too long and if you were to look at a chart showing how to make all of yourhormone production it starts off with cholesterol and sugar pregnenolone andthen goes down and shows all of your different hormones in your body makestestosterone estrogen dhea cortisol a whole bunch of different hormones in soall of these together if you've been using too much cortisol which is astressful then you're stealing all of the buildingblocks for that you have enough to make

testosterone and so do the hormonalsupport which is also going to help maybe some of the psychological factorsthat can be playing a role if you have too much stress if you're just feelingtoo tired to feel arousal to feel desire than treating the stress the adrenalfatigue can be a huge issue and men something to pay attention to for thisis my one thing about this for your wife especially if you've had childrenespecially if she works sometimes the psychological component can be becauseyou're being turned away enough times and no one likes rejection and so it'sbecause your wife is tired and has adrenal fatigue you might want to gentlytalk to her about supporting her energy

now i recommend starting thisconversation with baby look he seemed like you really tired and i really wannahelp don't even talk about this expert but most of my patients one of the sideeffects that they see side effects of my female patients of treating theiradrenal fatigue issues is increased libido increased desire and so if that'sa psychological component for you of knowing that when you make an attemptto engage in sexual activity with your partner and she turned you down she'sbecoming more of a life partner raising children perhaps building a homewhatever sort of partnership you have but not an object of sexual desireanymore and so you can change that by

helping support her and then the wholemessages that she's getting for her body so in terms of also supporting her moralsupport besides the adrenal and of things which oftentimes all tree eitherwith herbs either the hype of pituitary hypothalamic formula as well as the malehormonal support formula which actually for erectile dysfunction would probablybe the place to start and less high stresses and issue the male hormonesupport formula would be an excellent one for that in terms of the protocolthat we've been talking about so number one to start with the ex easy to do can improve a lot of things for younumber to making sure that that question

is on track they are having digestive issues thatyour body's not giving you a message saying hey something's going on downhere is what we're trying to do is underlying cause i'm not trying to maskthe symptoms which was what would happen if you are using a prescription drug youmight have an erectile dysfunction because you have undiagnosed diabetes inyour body's trying to tell you hate this is going on let's work on it and try andimprove it but if you mask by taking a drug than your body's gonna have tospeak louder to get your attention and then it might be that you become insulindependent diabetes that you go into a

diabetic crisis that you have kidneyfill all of these side effects of diabetes because you don't listen to thefirst message and so we don't want to suppress the symptoms we want to listento him and address the symptoms and so that's that's the foundation part ofthis so that justin and then making sure that you have all the nutritionalprecursors that your body needs so that healthy body brain and heart pack isgoing to be important for that as well as adding in some of the hormonalsupport on the next layer so that hgh use complex as well as an adrenalsupport something like the good herbs male hormone supporting sure and thenmaking sure that there's the

psychological issues as well are dressedat home making sure that the settings right right so making sure that youryour partner is well supported that any other outside stressors that might beaffecting you are are recognized and addressed and thatwere able to support you in not only having a healthy sex life but enjoyingfully all of your life would be amazing if you could listen to your body for onesymptom and improve and change your entire life and that's what we do withnaturopathic medicine so if you want to start this protocol if you want tochange not only your sex life but your entire life then go to take yoursupplements dot com now and one of our

representatives are going to help youget started they're going to give you a call backand help you create a personalized plan for you based off of the things thatwe've talked about today i'm dr. megan

erectile dysfuntion

saunders and i'm so excited to beworking with you to change your life and improve your health hi i'm not to make insiders and i'm heretoday to talk to you about erectile dysfunction impotence now

erectile dysfunction medications

hi, i'm stan muller. this is crash course:intellectual property and today we're talking about patent law. that's why i'm wearing thesefancy patent leather shoes. they're a little too small and uh, i had a hard time puttingthem on. if only somebody would invent a new useful and non-obvious tool for forcing feet intotoo small shoes. mark, can i take these off now? [theme music] a patent is a grant by a government that allowsan inventor to maintain a monopoly on the use and development of an invention for alimited time. patents allow inventors to prevent or exclude other people or companies frommanufacturing, selling, or using their patented inventions. governments grant these exclusiverights in exchange for the clear and detailed

public disclosure of inventions. so here's the deal. you invent something awesome,explain how you did it in patently obvious terms, we'll let you be the sole owner fora couple of decades or so which should give you enough time to make some money off thething. ideally, you'll get rich for your inventiveefforts before the term expires or maybe you'll pour all that money into more research anddevelop new patents. the notion of giving talented inventors andinnovators a limited monopoly in exchange for their instructing the rest of their lesstalented fellow citizens is not new. it's generally accepted that the first systematicpatent law was developed in venice, a hotbed

of renaissance industrial activity. the 1474venetian patent statute sums up the economic rationale of patent law pretty nicely. "we have among us men of great genius, aptto invent and discover ingenious devices; and in view of the grandeur and virtue ofour city, more such men come to us every day from diverse parts. now, if provision weremade for the works and devices discovered by such persons, so that others who maysee them could not build them and take the inventor's honor away, more men wouldthen apply their genius would discover, and would build devices of great utility and benefitto our commonwealth." wow. these venetians really thought a lotof themselves. "grandeur and virtue of our city."

this idea of granting exclusive rights to inventorsto encourage discovery, spread throughout europe, into england and then to the united states, whereit was incorporated into the u.s. constitution. in order for an innovation or invention tobe patentable, the invention must satisfy five requirements. we'll look at all of theserequirements generally, and we'll look at the patent for our trusty liquid-filled dieagitator containing a die having raised indicia on the facets thereof. magic 8 ball's patent was issued in 1964 and did it meet all these requirements? yes. so this seems a little circular, but the firstrequirement is that the patent's subject matter be patentable. the categories for patentablesubject matter are defined as broadly as any process, machine, manufacture, or compositionof matter, or improvement thereof. the supreme

court has interpreted this to mean that anythingunder the sun that is made by human beings is patentable. however broad this definitionmight be, certain things like, the laws of nature, physical phenomenon, abstract ideas,have consistently been held not to be patentable. the distinction here is that the innovationhas to be the product of human inventiveness, and not the product of nature. the supreme court recently looked at thisissue in a 2013 case involving a biotech firm that had isolated human dna linked toovarian and breast cancer. the company argued that it had developed an innovative process for looking for mutations that might lead to cancer and isolating. they argued that the isolated genes were the productof human inventiveness and therefore patentable.

the court disagreed, finding that a naturallyoccurring dna segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely becauseit's been isolated. the magic 8 ball is certainly the productof human inventiveness, although it would be fantastic if these were formed by nature,like if they washed up on beaches or maybe there was a magic 8 ball tree. i use fantastichere in the sense that this is obviously a fantasy. but, uh, mmm, what a world that wouldbe. so are you patentable subject matter or what? it is certain. the second requirement for patentability isthat the invention be useful, which means

both that it has some identifiable benefitand that it's capable of being used. patent law often refers to a person of ordinary skillin the art. what they're talking about here is an engineer or fellow inventor that canunderstand the technical information included in the patent. this differs from like tortlaw, where the law often refers to a reasonable person standard. understanding patents requiresa little more technical expertise. i mention this because the second requirement relieson a person skilled in the art to accept that the invention described in the patent is usefuland that it works. the magic 8 ball is very useful. it functionsin the way that the patent claims it does. it displays answers to yes-or-no questions such as, "should i join the merchant marines?"

or "will i die alone?"are you useful? it is decidedly so. the third requirement for patent protectionis that the invention be new or novel. basically, if somebody else already invented or patenteda similar invention, you can't get a patent. going back to the case of our magic 8 ball,despite the fact that its application notes that similar devices exist, the novelty ofthe 1964 version lies in the shape of the die, which allows for a better question-and-answerexperience. are you novel? outlook good.

the innovation must also be non-obvious. thetest for non-obviousness is whether the innovation and the prior art, by which i mean all thatwhich has come before the innovation, are such that the innovation as a whole wouldnot have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the art at the time the inventionwas made. this is kind of a difficult theoretical task for a judge or patent examiner. sometimesthe most inventive leaps of logic yield solutions that are so elegant that they seem obviousonce you've seen it. the magic 8 ball 1964 patent was for an improvement to the originalinvention. the inventor added many more sides to the die and also added the all-importantraised indicia: the raised lettering, so as to prevent bubbling between the viewing screenand the die. it doesn't seem obvious to me.

magic 8 ball, are you non-obvious? without a doubt. the final requirement is enablement. technically,this means "the specification of the patent shall contain a written description of theinvention, and of the manner and process of making and using it, in such full, clear,concise, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art to which it pertainsto make and use the same, and shall set forth the best mode contemplated by the inventorof carrying out his invention." whoever wrote this doesn't understand the terms clear andconcise. what they're saying is that the plan submitted with the patent have to be clearand complete enough for someone else to recreate

the invention without too much trouble. beyondthis, the applicant has to describe the best mode of making this thing happen. the inventorcan't give people the runaround. if there's a best way to recreate the invention in question,the inventor is required to disclose it. this final step is essential to the underlyingrationale of patent law. without a clear and accurate explanation of how to make and usethe innovation, the public gets nothing in return for granting the limited monopoly. so, what's it gonna be, magic 8 ball? can we make or use you based on the patent'sdescription? as i see it, yes.

there are 3 types of patents issued by thepatent & trademark office: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. the 5 requirementswe just talked about refer to utility patents. design patents cover any new, original, andornamental, rather than useful, article of manufacture. apple is famous for their designpatents and their utility patents. plant patents are granted to persons who firstnoticed the distinctiveness of a plant, then reproduced it asexually, by grafting or cloning,rather than growing it from a seed. if you grow it from a seed, you can't patent it.the plant must be novel and distinctive to be granted a patent, which basically meansthat it has to have at least one significant distinguishing characteristic to establishit as a distinct variety. so this is what

a plant patent looks like. not a lot of themget issued relative to utility or design patents. on a related note, the human-made plant, ora plant that's been genetically engineered, can also be the subject of a utility patent.provided it meets all the 5 requirements we talked about. often, these are plants thatare resistant to certain herbicides or are better suited to shipping. there's even a man-madevariety of cotton that's resistant to pests. patents don't last forever. the term of protectionfor utility patents is 20 years, measured from the date of filing. there are extensionsof up to 5 years allowed for drugs, medical devices, and additives. the current term ofprotection for design patents is 14 years, and that's also from the date of filing. sopatents are all about the money.

let's talk about that in the thought bubble. in terms of economic impact, patent law isarguably the most important branch of intellectual property. there are legitimate questions aboutthe role of patents and what types of research and development patent law encourages. doesthe law encourage more research into highly lucrative erectile dysfunction medicationsthan stuff like anti-malarial drugs? should developing nations be able to create publichealth exceptions for life-saving proprietary medications? if so, then how would companiesbe able to pay for the development of these medications or future life-saving medicationswithout the assurance of patent protection? and then there are non-practicing entities,often called patent trolls, that go around

acquiring huge patent portfolios, and thenthreaten to sue pretty much everybody. patent trolls bring these lawsuits despite the factthat they have no interest in developing or manufacturing any actual products. this istheir business model. because of the high cost of litigation, costs can range from abouta $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 if this goes to trial and the threat of massive damage awards.most companies sued by patent trolls settle or agree to pay a licensing fee to the trolls. there's legislationpending in congress designed to address this issue. thanks, thought bubble. so the policy issuesaround patents are incredibly complex and controversial, and this video is only a basicoverview. the underlying purpose of patent law, which is to reward inventors for theirskill and effort, is often in direct opposition

to the public's interest in accessing thoseinnovations. whether it be life-saving medications that costs thousands of dollars per pill orwater treatment technologies that developing countries can't afford to license. the trickis to strike a balance between providing inventors with incentives and ensuring public access. how weattain that balance is still very much an open question. thanks for watching, we'llsee you next week. crash course intellectual property is filmedin the chad and stacey emigholz studio in indianapolis, indiana, and it's made by allof these nice workers for hire. if you'd like to keep crash course freelyavailable for everyone forever, you can support the series at patreon, a crowdfunding platformthat allows you to support the content you love.

speaking of patreon, we'd like to thankour headmaster of learning thomas frank and

erectile dysfunction medications

our vice principals, kathy and tim philp andlinnea boyev. thank you so much for supporting crash course. you can get awesome rewardsfor your support, but you don't get ownership of our crash course copyright. you do, however,get to help people learn. thanks for watching. we'll see you next week.

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what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? erectile dysfunction (ed) is the inabilityto get or maintain an erection. there are many causes of erectile dysfunction,from physical issues to psychological conditions. psychological causes of erectile dysfunctioncan be varied and complex. sometimes, simple stress over work, school,money, or other unrelated issues can make it all but impossible for a man to get orsustain an erection. anxiety, too, can play a major part in ed,especially if the man involved is afraid of being seen as insufficient or a failure ifhe cannot sexually perform. physical causes of erectile dysfunction tendto be related to a breakdown in the nerves,

muscles, or veins that contribute to erectileability. nerve damage, such as that caused by injury,neurological diseases, or even diabetes is believed to be a major contributing causeto instances of ed. men with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and other conditions that affect the behavior and function of blood vessels may also bemore likely to experience ed on a regular basis. kidney disease is also linked to the occurrenceof ed. ed is often associated with prostate cancer,largely because surgery and treatments meant to cure this type of cancer can impede erectilefunction.

drugs that alter hormones, as well as manytypes of prescription medication, may also cause ed. some lifestyle factors are believed to contributeto the occurrence of ed. heavy use of drugs or alcohol may inhibiterections in acute situations, but chronic drug, alcohol, and tobacco use may also dopermanent damage. hardening of the arteries is particularlyrelated to tobacco addiction and is known to be a contributing cause of erectile problems. most experts agree that occasional inabilityto get a sustained erection is quite common even among healthy men.

stress, overexertion, or even a simple commoncold may be enough to slow normal function

ed treatments

down. there are many possible treatment for erectiledysfunction, some of which can provide total relief from the condition. download free report "all about erectile dysfunction"

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hi there and welcome to your brain boost.linkedin acquired, the relatively boring training site for 1.5billion dollars recently a...