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after prostate cancer, this 64-year-old patientcannot have an erection. today he has hada penile prosthesis fitted. the surgeons will make an incisionto access the two corpora cavernosawhere the implants will be fitted. we now have to bore intothe erectile tissue in order to implant the prosthesis and measure the corpora cavernosa,which can vary greatly, and determinethe dimensions of the implant.
we start at 7 and finish at 13. cylinders of varying size areprogressively inserted into the penis as well as in the corpora cavernosawithin the abdomen. the dilatation has finished.now we can do our measurements. we're at 5 on the side. - and 9.- 14. it's vital to get the right size. if the implant is too short,the erect penis will fold. if the implant is too long,
you may ulcerate the tissue over time. the surgeon has chosen the right size. it is composed of 2 cylinders,placed in the corpora cavernosa and a pump to fill the cylinderswith liquid for an erection. the prosthesis can n…

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♪ theme music ♪ what's in a thought? just a thought-psht? a lot more than most of uswould imagine. when you have a thought,when i have a thought, you know what takes place? immediately, there is triggeredin your brain and in my brain an electrochemical response thatsurges throughout our body, and electrical magnetic waves goesthrough every part of your being
and every part of my beingbecause it's all linked up together when we have asingle thought. in fact, when you and i have asingle thought, over five hundred billionreactions take place just that instant withone thought. now we've identified only abouttwo thousand of those reactions;but that's how magnificently we areconstructed. and if we could hear thesechemical waves, and these
electric waves as they gothrough our body with every thought, i think you would heara mighty symphony being played. a thought-a single thought. in other words, it's almost likeyour brain and my brain is a kind of laboratory, and whe…

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yo today this video is for all my boys out there. i know that all of you love if your lady tells you that you have a beautiful penis and that you are sexually perfoming awesome if not, amazing so today i will tell 7 pretty interesting secrets that might help you to hear those words. even more often before i tell this 7 penis empowerment tips, let me tell you this it is a fact that most men in general, gain more self confidence if they perform sexually to their fullest potential. that means that they like longer lasting erections, more erections, ejaculate more semen,

and also a lot of men seek to have a bigger and thicker penis. boy don't feel bad about this, it's not coming from a macho male perspective it's a deep psychological need. just as most women like be thought of as a beautiful and feminine. it just makes men feel more powerful in bed and in everyday life. and it's also a fact that every man, your brother, your father, your grand father and you, you can…

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impotence erectile dysfunction because you getthe blood there to to achieve an erection and maintain an erection and sothat's an important and useful piece of information for my patients that come inand tell me you know when i use viagra can have an erection but you know ican't do without it that's important to me that tells me that we need to work oncirculation and i'm also concerned about blood sugar 15 percent of people witherectile dysfunction have undiagnosed diabetes so that's incredibly importantthat's a very strong message to your body that we want to interpret andreally work on that diabetes that blood sugar issue because if you have abnormalblood sugar swings that can affect your
mood which can affect your ability toperform it can also affect your circulation oftentimes i refer todiabetes as a disease of the cardiovascular system because it causesoxidative damage what that means is that when your blood sugar spikes high itdamages your cardiovascular s…

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hi, i'm stan muller. this is crash course:intellectual property and today we're talking about patent law. that's why i'm wearing thesefancy patent leather shoes. they're a little too small and uh, i had a hard time puttingthem on. if only somebody would invent a new useful and non-obvious tool for forcing feet intotoo small shoes. mark, can i take these off now? [theme music] a patent is a grant by a government that allowsan inventor to maintain a monopoly on the use and development of an invention for alimited time. patents allow inventors to prevent or exclude other people or companies frommanufacturing, selling, or using their patented inventions. governments grant these exclusiverights in exchange for the clear and detailed
public disclosure of inventions. so here's the deal. you invent something awesome,explain how you did it in patently obvious terms, we'll let you be the sole owner fora couple of decades or so which should give you enough time to mak…

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what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? erectile dysfunction (ed) is the inabilityto get or maintain an erection. there are many causes of erectile dysfunction,from physical issues to psychological conditions. psychological causes of erectile dysfunctioncan be varied and complex. sometimes, simple stress over work, school,money, or other unrelated issues can make it all but impossible for a man to get orsustain an erection. anxiety, too, can play a major part in ed,especially if the man involved is afraid of being seen as insufficient or a failure ifhe cannot sexually perform. physical causes of erectile dysfunction tendto be related to a breakdown in the nerves,
muscles, or veins that contribute to erectileability. nerve damage, such as that caused by injury,neurological diseases, or even diabetes is believed to be a major contributing causeto instances of ed. men with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and other conditions that affect the behavior and function of blood vesse…