natural erection

after prostate cancer, this 64-year-old patientcannot have an erection. today he has hada penile prosthesis fitted. the surgeons will make an incisionto access the two corpora cavernosawhere the implants will be fitted. we now have to bore intothe erectile tissue in order to implant the prosthesis and measure the corpora cavernosa,which can vary greatly, and determinethe dimensions of the implant.

we start at 7 and finish at 13. cylinders of varying size areprogressively inserted into the penis as well as in the corpora cavernosawithin the abdomen. the dilatation has we can do our measurements. we're at 5 on the side. - and 9.- 14. it's vital to get the right size. if the implant is too short,the erect penis will fold. if the implant is too long,

you may ulcerate the tissue over time. the surgeon has chosen the right size. it is composed of 2 cylinders,placed in the corpora cavernosa and a pump to fill the cylinderswith liquid for an erection. the prosthesis can nowbe installed in the patient's penis. the system uses a needle to pass through the penis and facilitate the installationof the distal part of the prosthesis. by pulling the thread,

the surgeon adjuststhe implant's position. it's still sticking out a bit. when the implant fills,it will be fine. it's not bad. now they must install the vesselcontaining the erection liquid. it is placed just underthe abdominal muscles. we'll now fill the balloonthat was inserted empty. the vessel is filledwith saline solution and then linked to the prosthesisand the pump by tubes.

the surgeons will now test whetherthe system is working properly. you see the erection,the penis is becoming totally rigid. now they install the pump in the scrotumalongside the testicles. the pump must beunder the scrotum skin or patients have troublegrabbing it and handling it. it works really well. there are few complications. infection is is hydraulic equipment,

which is liableto break down over time

natural erection

and this equipmentusually lasts for ten years before it should be changed. the operation is now over. the patient must now wait one monthbefore using his prosthesis.

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