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hi there and welcome to your brain boost.linkedin acquired lynda.com, the relatively boring training site for 1.5billion dollars recently and the reports that i've seen have shown that revenuefrom linda within linkedin has been pretty strong. interestingly, on a recent conferencecall, linkedin founder, jeff weiner said that he sees using lynda's technologystack to host internal training videos for companies on linkedin. that way,human resources can track --through linkedin-- what their employees havelearned. i think that linkedin will open up lynda tothird-party contractor content providers

like eazl. they're going to try to getlinkedin users to take more courses directly on linkedin. you can listen tojeff weiner talk about this in a link in the description of the video. earlierthis year, linkedin acquired connectifier, a machine learning company thathelps bring ai to recruitment on linkedin. linkedin will be integratingthis technology into their offerings for recruiters who use linkedin and nowthey're starting to do things like enable recruiters to click a button thathas linkedin match the qualities of the employees at the recruiter's company with talent profiles on the linkedin network more broadly. similarly, linkedin has launcheda service called pro finder, where people

looking to hire someone can get matchedwith freelancers based on the hiring person's profile data and therequirements of the job. linkedin is also becoming very expensivefor non-enterprise users. they started more aggressively limiting the amount ofprofiles that non-paid users can search in a given month. what this means is that for freelancers,jobseekers, and small businesspeople, linkedin is much more difficult to useto build a professional network unless you pay. while linkedin premium used to cost $20 a month, now premium packages are in the range of$50-60 per month. if

you think about that, that's over $500 a year, which is a lot of money for small business people. iwouldn't be surprised if people start to

hire car employment sydney

hire car employment sydney,use other social technologies to buildtheir professional networks. if you're interested in more originalcontent from eazl, visit the eazl blog right now at eazlblog.com and i will see you next week at 10 a.m. pacific time foranother brain boost.

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are you looking for great limo hire kent ideastogether with a professional service that will make your day just that extra special?. you can hire a limo for your wedding day orfor any occasion. all of us would like our wedding day to bea grand day. when you hire limos for your wedding day, it will make your day all themore enjoyable. it will certainly add to the excitement of the day. there are number oflimo hire companies that will offer you great wedding day limo packages. your wedding anniversary is yet another greatday that you can think of hiring a limo to spoil your partner with an extra dose of luxuryalong with the other gifts. your partner will

adore your for such a thoughtful gesture. if you are running short of limo hire kentideas for your valentine’s day gift, here you got one. hire a limo and give your valentinean exciting evening driving in the chauffeur driven limo. this will please your valentine,as not all of us are lucky to travel by chauffeur driven limos. if you would like to give your little daughterexciting treat for her birthday, hire a pink limo and invite her friends to join her forthe ride. you cannot think of a better way

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executive car hire sydney,of celebrating her birthday. she will be thrilledwith your unusual gift. she can celebrate her birthday party in the limo with her friendsas they enjoy the exclusive ride.

we can go on and on with the list of excitingideas on how we can make use of limo hire kent

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using a reputable wedding car hire galwaycompany is vital to choosing an exceptional vehicle for the day. this could save the attendantsboth time and money while at the same time helps make the wedding exceptional. however,it is important to understand that this is not an easy goal to achieve. turning to thewedding car hire galway services could help in alleviating the maze. there are many companiesoffering these services and they will help reach the desired goals superbly. a few tipsare, however, demanding for reliable wedding car hire galway. \\ when it comes to the search for reliable companiesfor a wedding car hire galway , it is imperative that one confines the search to the localgrid. this is the best method that a person

can use to get services that require lessattention to benefit from. when hiring online, some people end up hiring vehicles from companieswith limited knowledge of their current location. this is what results in frustrations whenthe services are being rendered. in most cases, when this is done, a lot of time is spentredirecting the driver to the desired destination. in addition to that, getting wedding car hirefrom a company outside your provence could just spell problems. why bother with the hasslewhen you can just use wedding car hire galway to fulfil your needs. \second, it is imperative that one learns of the number of people that will be accommodatedin the vehicle. this is especially so when doing wedding car hire galway for the groom.in most cases, the bride and groom is always

accompanied by family and close friends. thismeans that time has to be taken to determine the right size of vehicle that will accommodateall the passengers without causing any form of discomfort. this will help save on timeand elude chances of spending more money hiring more vehicles. always base the car choiceon the number of people. \ \in present day, the cost of living is going exceedingly high. this is what makes it dauntingfor people to arrange for major events. the high cost can easily lead to financial problems.to avoid such incidences, a person is highly advised to ask for a discount when it comesto a wedding car hire. the prevailing high competition in the industry of car rentalshas made it possible for people to negotiate

on a better deal. all that is needed is topresent tangible reasons for the need to get lower rates. the service providers are personableand could be open in giving a great deal for the wedding car hire galway. \\ lastly, the right vehicle has to be chosen.the primary goal of holding a wedding is to make the event as memorable as possible. thiscan be made possible by comparing between the vehicles offered for wedding car hire.it is advised to pay special attention to the style as well as colour. the right vehiclefor a wedding car hire is that which has a

event car hire sydney
event car hire sydney,great design and has colours that blend withthe theme of the wedding. this will elude the clashing effect. \\

if you need a recommended beautiful car ataffordable prices use wedding car hire galway.\ \http://www.irelandweddingcarhire.com}

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sam: after 39 hours of travelling we are finally in ibiza. the weather is perfect and we’re going to have some fun! sam: oh look who’s here… with the same car! yes! woohoo! dan: have you guys fixed some things to do for us? alberto: definitely. you will have an amazing time here in ibiza. promise. dan: the guys from mochileros tv took us to a water wipe out assault course

in san antonio dan: we heard about this secret cliff diving place and i think we're gonna go and check it out sam: we’re going to go say bye to our friends before they leave. we’re heading out as well. it’s been a good trip. alberto: we hope you really enjoyed the day with us. and have a good trip you two to your next destination.

european car hire sydney

european car hire sydney,sam: thank you so much. bye! alberto: by the way!

*in bocca al lupo, ci vidiamo presto* sam: haha, ciao!

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welcome to prestige transfers we are a modernreliable family friendly business targeting corporate and families wanting to holidayon the gold coast we service brisbane gold coast byron bay prestige offers intermit relationshipswith our clients the person you contact the one on the phone the person that replies toyour email will be the person that driving you we build up a repaul with our clientswe discover you know picking up clients every week from the airport you have learnt whattheir favourite cup of coffee is we will have that coffee ready when we greet them at theairport with our families we build up a repaul so if the children like the wiggles we willhave the wiggles playing in the car to help settle the children we will not rush our clientsif we pick them up at ten o'clock at the airport such as services on the website http://www.nissan360.com.

and check in is not until two o'clock thenwe will take them for a drive around currumbin and elephant rock let them relax let themtake in the gold coast we will wait for our clients if their plane is late we will waitthere happily patiently until they arrive we contact our clients 24 hours before handand throughout the whole booking process once they have booked until pick up we are in regularcontact with them to make sure any extra needs are met and we can then provide arrival whenwe have a time to pick up for our corporates we will be there ten minutes early we willmake sure we have our cold water available on pick up if we are picking up from an officewe size up our clients we know if they are in the mood for a relaxed trip or if theyare in the mood to actually get down and focus

on their business a lot of our corporate clientsactually know that when they jump into one

car rentals sydney domestic airport
car rentals sydney domestic airport,of our vehicles they can actually sit backand relax and be themselves just that 20 minutes in the car is enough to refocus them theywill have a laugh they will a joke around phone rings serious mode i go back to beingtheir driver and let them do their business them having the trust in us also then makesus feel that we are actually doing our job

europe car hire sydney

next at 11, breakdown with a if you're planning your summer vacation, keep your eyes open. we will let you know what to look out for to make sure that your trip is worry free. it was sad. reporter: just thinking about it still makes

elizabeth brian knossos. i had the worst stomachache the rest of the day that i ever had. it was so bad. reporter: the found online would look like a perfect and affordable house in the beach. please kindly get back to me

medially with payment information. reporter: people advertising the rental on cakes -- craigslist, as it is in a $1000 deposit. what she did. they travel all the way out to the island only to find out

that the address did not exist. they did find the house look like the one on the ad. but when they knocked the door, another family answered. the scammer used a picture of the family speech house. her $1000 deposit is gone. looking back, she says she

realizes now that she missed some red flags. red flags that the better business bureau says to look out for. if they ask you to send a wire, and you don't know who you're sending it to, we highly recommend you do not send that

way. just like cash, money is gone. the organizers of the fire festival now facing a class- action lawsuit -- was it. it up with cheap tents, cheaper food, and headliner that had already canceled. the tents themselves are

actually disaster relief tends. they look like they were on the set of outbreak or something. reporter: mailers offering free cruises could also called -- cost you thousands. review of the holiday cruise lines website shows that the packages do not include

transportation, taxes, gratuities, or incidentals will board ship. do your research first. if you're dealing with someone on what you believe is a legitimate travel site, the travel site first. reporter: travel clubs often

seem a good idea, but the better business bureau is telling you to evaluate their offerings. make sure that they have a good reputation before paying thousands for the membership.

europe car hire sydney

europe car hire sydney,i always trusted people to be honest.

i thought that everyone else will be honest.

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the 9 nobirds well that's interesting, you guys know the secret already, it's actually a bit anticlimactic it's the whole thing of no frills so.... no-birds is a great deal because not only are we cheap but we've got great quality cars and that's really the no bird philosophy which retests has come fromour dad who started it all so.... he's this drum heading to us. bayswater started when our father who started the company. he started renting out the cars from our family home in bayswater which is a suburb in perth. we started with bayswater car rental and now most people know us as nobirds car rentals so.... it's evolved. it's not rent a bomb, it's what people demand nowadays and secondary to that the price, the price is just cheaper than anybody else.

our main fleet is corolla. we peak at about 3000 in summer. i suppose for what we do as well our size with family owned australian business. and we've got another brother, he's in perth, we've got four branches in perth so it's a bit of a handful at times for him. we treat the staff like our extended family

cheap car hire sydney eastern suburbs

cheap car hire sydney eastern suburbs,and our customers as well. we can tell the staff, serve the client like it was your brother or your mother. i've got four kids, three of we'll see, we'll see if there's another generation, if there's interest i suppose. he's got my back, i've got his back and we try and have our customer's back.

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hi there and welcome to your brain boost.linkedin acquired lynda.com, the relatively boring training site for 1.5billion dollars recently a...