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what causes an erection

this session is on how men can take self-care of themselves. just like women need to watch theirbreasts for any changes or lumps, men, too need to want to watch for in changes,particularly in their testicles. any small hard lump heavy feeling,accumulation of fluid, any discharge through the penis that is different in urine or seminal fluid. any painful urination, itching, sores, or warts need to be reported immediately to your doctor.just like women need to do self exams, once a month, the weekafter their period, men need to do self exams every one to two timeseach month. women have a period remind them to do this. you men don't have that, so you just need to make a routine to do it the
first of every month when you make yourvehicle payment, your house payment. just figure out a time. you can put a reminder in you calendar. every month you can do a self exam. by doing this, you will roll gently between your thumb and forefinger each testes. you have to do each one. the best time …

penis erections

interviewer: what aout impotence, do dld cover anything on impotence? dld: as i said when i first got into penis enlargement is because i was suffering from someof those type, impotent type problems. i wasn't completely impotent but i wanted a harder erection the basic exercises are meant to increaseblood flow the to the penis

increase oxygen supply in thepenis so that itself is gonna give you harder erections, so yes impotence is covered here did the basicexercises are going to improve
your erection strength.

penile prosthetics

>> michael: good afternoon everybody. thisis michael munson with forge, and i am here today to get us started on the medical andforensic considerations in caring for transgender sexual assault survivors. i’m really thrilledthat we have two guest speakers today, kim day from national association of forensicnurses, and eric stiles from the national sexual violence resource center. as always,we have a very full 90 minutes full of lots of interesting information, and we’re reallyexcited to get going today. i wanted to briefly mention and acknowledge that we’re definitelynot going to be covering trans 101 issues, and we have many pre-recorded trans 101 webinarson our website. so i encourage you, if you need or would like some of those core conceptreviews, to check out our website and review
those webinars on trans 101 issues. so todaywe’ll really be focused on forensic exams, and a little bit more of a 201 discussion.[pause] so many of you that have been on our webinarsbefore…

penile prosthesis

to simulate an erection: to transfer the fluidto the cylinders, locate the pump in the scrotum.

squeeze the pump firmly a few times betweenthe thumb and fingers until an erection is achieved. to return to a flaccid state: fluidpressure in the cylinders is released with the patient momentary depresses the deflatevalve button to enable fluid to return to the reservoir thus returning the penis tothe flaccid state.