ed treatments

what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? erectile dysfunction (ed) is the inabilityto get or maintain an erection. there are many causes of erectile dysfunction,from physical issues to psychological conditions. psychological causes of erectile dysfunctioncan be varied and complex. sometimes, simple stress over work, school,money, or other unrelated issues can make it all but impossible for a man to get orsustain an erection. anxiety, too, can play a major part in ed,especially if the man involved is afraid of being seen as insufficient or a failure ifhe cannot sexually perform. physical causes of erectile dysfunction tendto be related to a breakdown in the nerves,

muscles, or veins that contribute to erectileability. nerve damage, such as that caused by injury,neurological diseases, or even diabetes is believed to be a major contributing causeto instances of ed. men with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and other conditions that affect the behavior and function of blood vessels may also bemore likely to experience ed on a regular basis. kidney disease is also linked to the occurrenceof ed. ed is often associated with prostate cancer,largely because surgery and treatments meant to cure this type of cancer can impede erectilefunction.

drugs that alter hormones, as well as manytypes of prescription medication, may also cause ed. some lifestyle factors are believed to contributeto the occurrence of ed. heavy use of drugs or alcohol may inhibiterections in acute situations, but chronic drug, alcohol, and tobacco use may also dopermanent damage. hardening of the arteries is particularlyrelated to tobacco addiction and is known to be a contributing cause of erectile problems. most experts agree that occasional inabilityto get a sustained erection is quite common even among healthy men.

stress, overexertion, or even a simple commoncold may be enough to slow normal function

ed treatments

down. there are many possible treatment for erectiledysfunction, some of which can provide total relief from the condition. download free report "all about erectile dysfunction"

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