how to keep an erection

yo today this video is for all my boys out there. i know that all of you love if your lady tells you that you have a beautiful penis and that you are sexually perfoming awesome if not, amazing so today i will tell 7 pretty interesting secrets that might help you to hear those words. even more often before i tell this 7 penis empowerment tips, let me tell you this it is a fact that most men in general, gain more self confidence if they perform sexually to their fullest potential. that means that they like longer lasting erections, more erections, ejaculate more semen,

and also a lot of men seek to have a bigger and thicker penis. boy don't feel bad about this, it's not coming from a macho male perspective it's a deep psychological need. just as most women like be thought of as a beautiful and feminine. it just makes men feel more powerful in bed and in everyday life. and it's also a fact that every man, your brother, your father, your grand father and you, you can all improve your staying power you can improve your sexual energy, your sexual capabilities, the quantity, color and odor of your semen and yes you can also improve the size of your penis

so let's look to the seven empowerment tips your first and most important task in order to improve your sexual power is to revitalize your health. emotionnally and physically good health is the foundament of a well functioning penis beneficial semen and a high sex drive without physical and emotional health you won't have a high sex drive in fact a low sex drive is always an indication for a physical or mental ailment.. to get phycally in shape start by improving your diet

minimize your intake of fried, and processed food and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits drink 3 liters of water everyday and boy, exercise ! look into martial arts, kung fu, yoga or pilates because all of them combine movement with breath. so this is call mindful movement which helps you to connect to your whole body and look into your emotional health, mental stress is huge factor to erectile dysfunction look into and evaluate your stress level look into and evaluate your emotional health and maybe you wanna start with this exercise

the right kind of massage in combination with the right kind of herbs and discipline will help you tio increase your penis size this knowledges is not very common in today western world but it has been an ancient tradition such as ancient china in the middle east or in south america in fact it has been applied since hundreds of years and in some case even thousands of years men who have practice this method on a regular basis have reported that they could increase the lenght and the girth

of their penis up to 2 inches the penis is primarily mass of erectile tissu 3 fibers cylindrical tubes placed side by side form the shaft of the penis and when this fill with blood an erection is produced. the two largest chambers on the left and on the right side of the penis shaft are called the copora cavernosa and the smaller one, one the center of the penis shaft is called the corpora spongiosum the lenght and girth of the penis are determinated by the corpora cavernosa

the 2 chambers that intake blood to produce the erection since erections are simply the engorgment of the penis chambers with blood the more room you make for the blood the larger, longer and thicker the penis becomes it is very much like the process of expanding and strenghtening any body muscle. and i'm not saying that a bigger penis is always better but these methods will help you to get a better relationship and to be better in tune with your penis and it will help you to have a better body confidence and a better self confidence if you want to learn the exact exercises and the exact herbs

to increase your penis and to have a better sensitivity then i encourage you to sign up for the upcoming penis magic course which you can find here. the link is also under the video and then you guys, you have another super magical thing which are your balls or better name your testicles massaging your testicles will help you to produce more testosterone it will help you to strenghten your erections, increase seminal fluids, your semen and highten your sexual energy another thing that is very helpful

is to massage your seminal ducts and again it will be too much to show you all these exercises in this tiny video but i will sure do so in the upcoming penis magic course so just be sure to be on the list, and untill then just try to do it by yourself, massage your balls and you will always have some very interesting effects. i'm sorry but it's a fact, masturbation densensitizes your magic wand during sex and especially for men above 30 years, it's getting more difficult each year to maintain an erection if the partner you are with is not applying the same pressure, movement and speed that you were using during masturbation.

and it's also a fact that, during masturbation you gonna have intense orgasm and as a result you might not be able to have orgasm when you are with your partner and it's also a fact that during masturbation and it's also for women who use too much vibrators and by the way this is also why we created the shakti wand, you can find the link below under the video masturbate as often as you like only to the point of stimulation not ejaculation this will help you to increase your sexual energy increase the amount of sexual fluids, strenghten your erections, and it also helps to reverse the desensibilization and btw don't watch porn while you're masturbating, porn has some nasty effect on your sexual energy and staying power we have a very interesting power on my tiny secrets which is called "how porn can ruin your sex life"

I put the link again under the video there are some very useful powerful herbs out there that can help you increase your sexual energy and stamina as well as the links here The most powerful concoction out there is the ginger ginger increases blood levels throughout the body and is very beneficial. To another interesting herb penis is to see palmetto, yohimbe, maca and ginseng all it can increase blood flow to the penis, expand blood vessels.

enlarge the corpora cavernosa in the penis shaft and increase sexual energy. besides those herbs it will extremely benefit your sexual energy if you limit your coffee consumption, cigarettes, and sugar intake. thereĆ¢€™s nothing worse for men than not to achieve a complete erection or to lack the ability to maintain it until climax. many men also feel that they climax too fast leaving their lover unfulfilled and frustrated. acquiring longer lasting erections is very important for a satisfying sexual get together. here is my tip: if u sense that your climax is coming too fast apply this technique: while the penis is erect place the index finger and thumb of the left hand around the base of the penis shaft applying firm pressure with the index finger

against the lower part of the underside of the penis. with the index finger and thumb of the right hand squeeze the tip of the penis 36 times. okay now we have to get honest, and i hjave a question for you and i want you to answer honestly have you ever really looked at your semen? tasted it ? smelled it ? if not, then i suggest you do so next time. to most women it's really important how your semen taste, smell and the quqntity of your semen it's not on the couscious level but it's still very important

if your semen looks thick and white and has a mildly tasting odor you are one lucky and pretty healthy man. but if your semen is slightly gray, bitter or salty tasting, has a rancid odor, is clear or watery it is a sign of either illness, alcoholism or excessive dissipation. in this case you want to improve your semen by healing your mental orphysical state of being, choosing healthier food options and exercise. you can also make your semen taste better by eating fresh cinnamon, licorice root or pineapple. try to avoid dairy products and sugar. it willmake semen taste rancid and bitter. you can also increase the quantity of your semen which is to most women seen as being very virile making her feel good also about her own sexual capabilities.

and it will make her fell better about her sexual capabilities which will lead to the fact that she might initiate for more sex with you you can increase the amount of semen through the testicle massage and by decreasing the amount of dissipation. and also by masturbating only to the point of stimulation and not ejaculation it is said that it is the healthiest for a man above 30 years to not dissipate more than 3 times a week to maintain a healthy level if semen. i will talk about this more in the upcoming penis magic course. if you feel this is for you sign up for it.

how to keep an erection
and boy i really hope that this video today helped you a lot

i'm sending you a lot of love from berlin, peace, i'm out make sure to check out the other videos for more thought provoking content and maybe you even wanna subscribe

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